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Bewley Homes - Beaconsfield

Bewley Homes development in Wilton Park Beaconsfield were looking to open up their show home, but wanted to light the way for their customers and advisors to walk from the sales office through to the show home. There was no power available for mains connected lighting and in any case their preference was to have a solar solution.

Bewley had trialled Solar Vision Lighting Technologies (SVLT) HELIA bollards at their HQ and as a result of this successful trial they had no hesitation in asking SVLT to supply and install 20 HELIA bollards to light the route to the Buckingham Show home, SVLT installed the HELIA using our screw installation method, meaning we were able to install with no description to the beautifully landscaped footpath that leads to the show home.

A safe well lit footpath taking customers through a well landscaped open space up to the front door of Bewleys very popular Buckingham Show Home.

Organisation: Bewley Homes


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