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CALA Homes - Bicester

CALA Homes are a major developer in the UK delivering in excess of 3000 units a year and have regional offices all over the UK. With their sustainability policy in mind CALA's development at Kingsmere located in the popular town of Bicester. They had an area of the development that provided parking for their new homes and this needed lighting, unfortunately there was insufficient infrastructure in this area location.

CALA contacted SolarVision Lighting Technologies to provide them with a lighting solution. There was no desire to install a traditional mains connected solution due to the disruption it would cause. SVLT provided CALA with a lighting design and installed our Astral Solar Street Lights, which would ensure minimal disruption and cause no damage to the roads and footpaths. To ensure health and safety compliance, we conducted a GPR survey to ensure no obstruction or unknown services were present, surveyed the proposed location to ensure we established the maximum solar energy yield and provide correct displacement of lighting across the car park. SVLT provided CALA with a full solution from design to fully installed. Our solution was totally non-invasive, with our Astral Solar Street Lights proving to be a very cost effective solution. The installation took one day and the lights were operational that night. The lighting profile was set at 4 hours at 60% in line with CALA's request. From dusk and then dimming to 10% until dawn increasing back up to 60% when triggered by the sensor.

CALA Homes had a lit car park area around their homes within one day, with no requirement for for additional infrastructure and no future cost for electricity to their residence.

Organisation: CALA Homes
Installed: Astral Lighting Columns

Site Photos
CALA Homes install Astral Solar Street Lights
CALA Homes install Astral Solar Street Lights

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