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Flittermere Homes - Wisbech

Flittermere is a group of local, reputable developers who have a real focus on quality and as a result of this focus wanted to provide the development with a quality solar lighting solution of Sutton Park Wisbech.

After their detailed research on Solar lighting, Flittermere found SolarVision Lighting Technologies, and from there they asked to trial the Astral Solar Column.

The column was up for less than 2 days when they confirmed that they liked the quality and aesthetics of the column and so they immediately asked SVLT to do a lighting design for their scheme. The development design demonstrated the scheme required 37 ASTRAL Columns, and with that Flittermere placed the order.

Due to the size of the development the columns are being installed in phases with first six columns already installed.

Organisation: Flittermere Homes

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