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The  UK'S    Solar Lighting  Solution
Solar Lighting Column


5 - 10 m

LED Power

20 - 50 w

Battery Capacity

460 wh

Battery Autonomy

> 5 days

Motion Sensor



 > 25 Years


3 Years

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Our Spectrum series offers you the ability to quickly and simply install new lighting or replace obsolete ones with the latest generation LED lamps powered by solar energy.

We can offer you a 100% solar version, completely independent of the grid, but also a hybrid version (combining solar and on-grid system). In the hybrid version once the battery has been discharged the grid (AC) will provide the necessary power until such time as the battery has recharged. With these different versions, our aim is to offer a varied solution for projects and to thereby be in a position to meet the different demands of customers with regard to their infrastructure.

Our Spectrum series comes in four versions, either entirely solar powered or hybrid, always with the option of a single or double LED head.

Model Variants